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Asgard Wood Designs

Bringing your imagination to life

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Hello and welcome to Asgard Wood Designs!

We are a small shop that is dedicated to creating custom woodworking products that match your desires. We can create practically anything you desire using our CNC machines, as well as our own hands. We can turn pictures into wooden representations, or creating custom carvings to your wishes. We are still in our infancy, and will be adding products to our store just as soon as we can. Rich is adding new designs as he completes them so please be patient while we build up our store front!

Right now each product is custom tailored for you, such as type of wood, sizes, mounting options, engravings, etc… so we will communicate with you to give you the product you want at a price you can afford. Once Rich finishes putting his designs in the store, we will then go back and add fixed prices to our products with standard sizes, wood selections, and prices. We will work with you to deliver what you require, and can provide simulations of most of our products so you’ll know exactly what you will be getting before we even pick up the first piece of wood to start creating it.

We look forward to serving you and will work hard to give you 100% satisfaction.


Let us help you with your wood based decorating!

We love taking peoples ideas and turning them into reality for them.


We strive to keep things in stock for our standard products. For customized products, we do our best to keep our turnaround time to a minimum so you can get your order quickly!


If you have any problems or issues, we will work very hard to make it right. We want all our customers to have a pain-free experience.